What is the advantage of a distance-time graph?

1. Distance-time graphs provide a variety of information about the motion when compared to the data presented by a table. 2. From the distance-time graph, we can find the distance moved by a body at any instant of time.

What are uses of distance time graph?

Therefore, the use of the distance time graph is to predict the velocity of the body. From the distance time graph, we can state the motion of the body. If the slope is steeper towards the distance axis, the gradient of the slope is more. Therefore, we can say that the body is moving faster.

What are the advantages of velocity time graph and distance time graph?

1) Area of the velocity time graph gives us displacement. 2) Slope of the velocity time graph gives acceleration. Advantages of Distance-time graph: 1) It helps us to locate the position of the object.

What are the two uses of distance time graph?

  • The nature of motion is given at a glance.
  • The relative motion at various intervals can.
  • The region of acceleration or retardation can be estimated without any calculation.
  • The distance of moving body at any time unit can be calculated. Was this answer helpful? Similar questions.

What is the advantages of velocity-time graph?

1) It’s slope will give us the acceleration of the particle. 2) The area under the graph will give us the displacement of the particles. 3) Instantaneous value of the velocity of the body at different period of time can be found.

What is distance-time graph?

A distance-time graph shows how the distance and speed of an object changes with time. This graph shows the movement of three objects over time. The slope, or steepness, of each line indicates the object’s rate of speed. In general, the steeper the slope, the faster the object’s speed.

What is the use of time graph?

(i) It tells us about the position of the body at any instance of time. (ii) From the graph, we can see the distance covered by the body during a particular interval of time. (iii) It also gives us information about the velocity of the body at any instance of time.

What are the characteristics of distance time graph?

  • It is always a curve (parabola).
  • The speed of the moving object at any point is given by the slope of the tangent to the curve at that point.

What is the difference between a distance time graph and a speed time graph?

A distance-time graph tells us how far an object has moved with time. A speed-time graphs measures velocity.

What is the use of distance?

Basic Definition from Math.net, A distance function provides distance between the elements of a set. If the distance is zero then elements are equivalent else they are different from each other.

What are the applications of XT graph?

(i) To determine the speed of a body at any instant of time. (ii) To determine the acceleration of a body. (iii) To determine the total distance travelled by a body in a given time-interval.

What is difference between distance and displacement?

Distance is a scalar quantity that refers to “how much ground an object has covered” during its motion. Displacement is a vector quantity that refers to “how far out of place an object is”; it is the object’s overall change in position.

What is the relation between distance and time when body is moving with uniform velocity?

When the body moves with a uniform velocity i.e., it does not change its speed or direction over the travel, the relation of distance and time is proportional, that is distance travelled remains proportional with the time.

Which distance time graph is not possible?

Final answer is, graph (C) is not possible as it is showing a negative time slope which is not possible or Position-time graph, represent the position of any particle any time t, A particle never acquires more than one position at any particular time.

How do you read a distance vs time graph?

  1. A horizontal line means the object is stopped.
  2. A straight diagonal line means the object is traveling at a constant speed whereas a curved line means the speed is changing.
  3. The steeper the angle of the line, the faster the object is traveling.

How do you plot a distance time graph?

  1. Click to see a step-by-step slideshow. …
  2. YOU WILL NEED: A ruler, graph paper or a whiteboard and some pens. …
  3. STEP 1 – Write the key information from the question in a table like this. …
  4. STEP 2 – Draw a graph with two axes: total time (x axis) and total distance (y axis). …
  5. STEP 3 – Plot the points from the table.

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