What is the difference between evidence and evident?

“Evidence” in English means a different thing, namely “proof” or “testimony”, but – and this is the confusing aspect of the word – the adjective “evident” means “obvious” just as the German adjective “evident”. Now there is something, as you might know, that is called “evidence-based medicine”.

How do you use evident?

  1. In the most evident sense they mean everything.
  2. The reason for the chill became evident as he took in his surroundings.
  3. It was evident that he could be silent in this way for a very long time.
  4. When their eyes met, it was evident she felt uncertain as well.

Does evident mean evidence?

that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof. something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever. … to make evident or clear; show clearly; manifest: He evidenced his approval by promising his full support.

What is the evident mean?

evident, manifest, patent, distinct, obvious, apparent, plain, clear mean readily perceived or apprehended. evident implies presence of visible signs that lead one to a definite conclusion.

What does clearly evident mean?

adjective. If something is evident, you notice it easily and clearly.

What do you mean by strong evidence?

Strong evidence means the recommendation considered the availability of multiple relevant and high-quality scientific studies, which arrived at similar conclusions about the effectiveness of a treatment.

What is example evidence?

Evidence is defined as something that gives proof or leads to a conclusion. The suspect’s blood at the scene of a crime is an example of evidence. The footprints in the house are an example of evidence that someone came inside. … An example of evidence is to present research to prove the benefits of a new drug.

What to say instead of it is evident?

it is clear it is apparent
it is conspicuous it is discernible
it can be seen it is readily apparent
clearly conspicuously
manifestly obviously

Is it as is evident or evidenced by?

: as is clearly shown by She has become known for the power of her writing, as (is) evidenced by the popularity of her new book. There clearly were settlements here, as evidenced by these remains.

What are some strong vocabulary words?

  • serendipity. good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. …
  • keen. intense or sharp. …
  • dubious. fraught with uncertainty or doubt. …
  • susurration. an indistinct sound, as of whispering or rustling. …
  • onomatopoeia. using words that imitate the sound they denote. …
  • corpus callosum. …
  • toothsome. …
  • bibliophile.

What kind of word is evident?

Evident is an adjective – Word Type.

How do you use evidence in a sentence?

  1. Since there was no evidence to prove the suspect was guilty, the police had to let him go.
  2. When returning the iron, the customer was asked for a receipt or other evidence that she had purchased the product.
  3. DNA evidence proved that the accused killer was in fact at the crime scene that night.

What is the part of speech for evident?

adjective. easy to see or understand; readily apparent.

What is a better word for has?

owns possesses
boasts has in keeping
holds maintains
carries controls
enjoys has possession of

What part of speech is easily?

Easily is an adverb, and it is used to modify verbs.

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