What is the girlfriend from AARP?

The Girlfriend, a savvy free weekly digital newsletter from AARP. WASHINGTON, DC— The Girlfriend, a savvy free weekly digital newsletter from AARP, announced today it is reaching a community of 400,000 women strong with its relationship, lifestyle, work, health and money-focused articles.

How do I submit my Girlfriend to AARP?

So join us today, because everybody needs a Girlfriend. Email us at [email protected] with questions, partnership or media inquiries, and more.

What is the Ethel from AARP?

The Ethel From AARP is a free digital newsletter that publishes every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. As part of AARP’s long-time commitment to serve those over 50, this publication focuses on and celebrates women who weren’t born yesterday.

What is the Ethel newsletter?

The Ethel is designed to celebrate and champion the idea of older women owning their age, focusing on the 55+ audience. … The Ethel will help women live their greatest lives by offering the best stories related to sex, health, beauty, career, and ageism in every single issue.

What does the AARP do?

AARP fights for age 50 and over individuals and their families at the local, state and national levels. We work on important issues, such as: Leading efforts to update Social Security and promote other retirement savings efforts to help everyone achieve lifetime financial security.

What is AARP Create the Good?

Create the Good is a great way to find opportunities in your community and connect with people to share ideas, learn new skills, and read about the latest ways people are making a difference locally. AARP is encouraging volunteers to collect school supplies to help students in need in your community.

How many AARP members are there?

About AARP

With nearly 38 million members and offices in every state, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, AARP works to strengthen communities and advocate for what matters most to families—with a focus on health security, financial stability, and personal fulfillment.

Does AARP magazine accept submissions?

AARP The Magazine rarely uses unsolicited ideas. However, you may submit your idea based on the following guidelines and your material will be reviewed. Story idea letters for specific features and departments should be one page in length and accompanied by recent writing samples.

Does AARP pay for articles?

AARP, The Magazine

AARP has the highest circulation of any magazine in the United States, with more than 35 million subscribers. That also means it pays well, on average $1/word or $1,500 per assignment.

What are AARP discounts?

There are over 30 different restaurant, shopping and technology discounts available to members. For dining out or takeout, members get discounts such as 10 percent off at Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill and Carrabba’s Italian Grill and 15 percent off at Denny’s.

Is AARP worth having?

If you have a look at all of the benefits and discounts offered from an AARP membership, and think those discounts will save you more than $16 a year, then it is definitely worth signing up.

Why is AARP so powerful?

AARP is one of the strongest lobbying groups in America, and because of its efforts, it often receives attention for exerting its influence in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals. Its non-profit operations also receive millions of dollars per year in the form of federal grants.

Which is better for discounts AAA or AARP?

AARP vs AAA: Discounts

AAA offers more discounts to car insurance policyholders than AARP, including for telematics, new vehicles and annual mileage. Overall, however, both insurance companies offered similar discounts.

What are AARP 4 key principles?

Our Purpose

These AARP-branded products and services cover a wide range of member’s needs and are managed with four key principles in mind: Value, Quality, Put the Member in the Middle, and Ease of Access.

What is all for good?

All for Good – a service of Points of Light – is one of the world’s largest free, online marketplaces matching volunteers with opportunities to serve. … Allows volunteers to search for projects using an interface that’s more user friendly and designed for computer, tablet or mobile devices.

What is AARP brand behavior or expectation?

In support of our People Strategy, AARP is committed to a positive working environment built upon a foundation of mutual trust, respect, open communications, and ethical behavior. All employees are expected to exercise a high degree of thoughtfulness in their dealings with colleagues and others.

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