What is the latest Wasgij puzzle?

We are very excited to announce that have released THREE brand new Wasgij puzzles and TWO new additions to our Wasgij Retro collection! The three puzzles that will be available very soon are the; Original 33 ‘Calm on the Canal! ‘, Destiny 21 ‘Highway Holdup! ‘ and Mystery 18 ‘Catching a Quick Bite!

What are the different types of Wasgij puzzles?

  • Wasgij Original.
  • Wasgij Destiny.
  • Wasgij Mystery.
  • Wasgij Christmas.
  • Wasgij Retro.

How many Wasgij puzzles are there?

This is the reason why there are over 50 jigsaw puzzles in the Wasgij range . . . and many more to come!

Are all Wasgij puzzles 1000 pieces?

Difficulty: Wasgij puzzles range from about 50 to 1,500 pieces.

What is the next jigsaw puzzle?

Mystery. Wasgij Mystery is the ‘what happens next? ‘ puzzle concept where you have to use your imagination to piece together what will happen next to the characters in the image printed on the box.

What do you call a person who does jigsaw puzzles?

The definition of dissectologist is a person who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly.

What is the fastest time for a 1000 piece puzzle?

The record for a 1000 piece puzzle by a team of two is 1:01:29 hours by Joellen Beifuss and Pam Kerstetter (USA) at the US National Jigsaw Puzzle Championships 1986 in Ohio, USA.

Are Wasgij puzzles hard?

At first, it can be daunting, and annoying that you can’t get the placement right. But do a few, and you’ll get your eye in. I always find the older puzzles are much harder to do. And if i have a long break from doing Wasgij puzzles, it takes a while to get back to it.

Are Wasgij puzzles good?

SUMMARY: Now owed by Jumbo, the Wasgij brand is of very high quality comparable to Ravensburger with beautiful boxes, thick, quality pieces, and fun images released regularly. There are no inserts or goodies in the box.

What are Wasgij puzzles about?

Wasgij (which is Jigsaw spelled backwards) is a range of fun jigsaw puzzles. You have to use your imagination and the clues provided to piece together a completely different picture than what you see on the front of the box. This presents a great challenge for the accomplished puzzler.

How many 1000 piece Wasgij puzzles are there?

We are very excited to announce our THREE brand new Wasgij January releases! The three puzzles are available now and are all 1,000 piece.

Who invented Wasgij?

James Alexander has been a professional illustrator since 1982, although he showed great promise at the age of 2 when his first masterpiece came in the form of a large rainbow that was created by using wax crayons and running them across the wall in his parents’ dining room – a shining talent some might say!

What is Jumbo Wasgij?

Wasgij is the addictively unique jigsaw puzzle brand where you need to use your imagination to piece together the Wasgij ‘solution’. Wasgij is the highly popular and addictively unique jigsaw puzzle brand where you need to use your imagination to piece together the Wasgij ‘solution’.

What’s a jig jigsaw puzzle?

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WASGIJ, which is “jigsaw” spelled backwards, is an innovative puzzle concept in which the picture on the box is merely a clue for the puzzle you will be putting together. The image on the box depicts a cartoonish scene of surprise and tumult.

How are Wasgij puzzles made?

Wasgij puzzles are made in their Netherlands factory from recycled cardboard and paper. Wasgij is jigsaw spelled backwards and is pronounced “Woz-gidge.” And these puzzles are backwards. The puzzle on the box is not the puzzle I would be putting together.


What Are Ravensburger WHAT IF Puzzles? The What If puzzles by Ravensburger are basically mystery puzzles and by saying that I mean the picture on the puzzle box is not the picture on the jigsaw puzzle that is in the box.

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